Grocery Shopping: How to Avoid the Anxiety

I have had an enormous number of clients tell me that shopping at a grocery store can be one of the most overwhelming parts of trying to get their battle with their health trending in the right direction.

At the supermarket, there are so many options that people can drown in the minutia. People begin to over analyze every decision they make while shopping for their health.

I call it paralysis by analysis. People become paralyzed and anxious when information and choices are thrown at them, as is what happens at a grocery store.

However, there is a simple strategy to be efficient, quick, and stress-free in the supermarket. The best part is that it is only a two-step process.


  1. Only go on the perimeter of the supermarket, and do not traverse the store aisle by aisle.

    • The fresh food, the produce, the meat, the fish and chicken are all on the outer edges of the grocery store.

    • Your eggs, dairy free milks, and grass fed butter is also on the perimeter.

    • Nuts and seeds are usually near the perimeter too, near the produce.


  1. Only go in the ethnic aisle, and the oil aisle.

    • After you buy truffle oil and olive oil, you will find yourself in the ethnic aisle to get your specific spices, sauces, oils, curries and various treats from around globe.

I can shop for a party of 50 people in under 20 minutes at Whole Foods in NYC, where the lines are 20 people deep in the midst of New York rush our. If I can shop for 50 people, you can shop for a family of four, five, or even less in half the time it takes me.

With the simple perimeter trick, you will avoid all the junk food, and you will be in and out of the supermarket in minutes.

By using these two steps, grocery shopping will be a joy and a breeze. 

I promise.

Go ye forth and tell me how easy your next trick to the market was!