I specialize in ketogenic meals, which are meals that promote the metabolic formation of ketone bodies by causing the body to use fat rather than refined sugars and carbohydrates as its principal energy source.

There are a myriad of benefits from running on a ketogenic diet. To read more, here is a great breakdown of ketones and information of a ketogenic diet.

As part of being a ketogenic chef, my culinary expertise resides in gluten free, dairy, and sugar free cuisine. I have a menu of over 300 recipes, inspired by my travels from around the world, to choose from. 

I have learned that food is medicine, and I have taken principals from many cultures from around the globe and have incorporated them into my meals and nutritional concepts. Every dish I make is nutrient-rich and has phytochemicals and healthy fats in every bite. 

I can curate private parties of up to 40 people in New York City, or at a previously discussed location.

I can cater to individuals, a family, partners, and groups to create a healthy and mouth-watering meal in the privacy of your own home.