Meet The Founder

Misha Hyman

I subscribe to the notion and belief that food is medicine. 

Misha Hyman, the founder and CEO of THWP, has followed in his family's footsteps as an innovative healer in the world functional medicine. His late aunt, Carrie Hyman, was an acupuncturist & Chinese medicine practitioner in Los Angeles beginning in the early' '90s and his mother, who was a Nurse Practitioner, cofounded a Functional Medicine business in Beijing in 1994.

Hyman subscribes to the belief that food is medicine and is an advocate in the urban farming industry. Chef Misha, a former athlete, and a former member of the "300 pound", created The Health Warrior Project LLC in the hopes of educating people to reach their highest levels of health, flexibility and overall well-being through conscious eating and bringing in mindful practices into their daily routines. Our battle to take back our healths start at home.

We consciously, and most often subconsciously, decide how healthy we want to be by what we daily put into our bodies. "Our mouths are the gateway to our health,"  said wellness entrepreneur, Farhad Attaie.

By choosing to create mindful communities using a dinner format where we feed our sick, suffering and neglected "family", we are able to bring people together and teach them how to truly heal our communities, towns, cities, countries and our globe by using a Community Based Health Care Model to do so. Hyman aims to embody what it means to go "from white coat to white apron" or in other words,  from the doctors office to the kitchen.