I will come to your home (or a predetermined location) and teach your family and friends the fundamentals of gluten free, dairy free, and low sugar cooking that is not just good for you, but changes the way you view healthy eating.

I will teach you how to cook healthy meals in under 25 minutes for under $25 dollars (per 2 people). I can teach you how to cook on a budget, and/or how to cook upscale healthy, and highly nutritious cuisine.

I can teach you how easy it is to cook a healthy and delicious meal that everyone in the family can enjoy. I have a menu of 300 + items with international flare and I can change the way you view healthy eating. 

Additionally, if hired for one of your dinner parties, I can teach your guests the basics of healthy living. This will be one of the greatest gifts you can give to your friends and family.

Knowledge is power.

If you can learn how to cook dishes that are healthy and delicious, you will be a rockstar in your community of family and friends. 

Learn how to bring fun back into the kitchen and entice your family and friends to take a moment, sit down and enjoy each other's company for a delicious home cooked meal.