Health Warrior Pro Tip: How to Un-clutter Your Kitchen.

It is important to have an organized and mindful kitchen. As stated in a previous blog post, your kitchen is to be your sanctuary, and a haven for your health. 

In order to be the most efficient chef and Health Warrior you can be, you need to have the right tools and equipment at your disposal.

But before we equip you with the right “weapons”, it is important to throw out all your kitchen utensils that you have not used and or touched within the past 3 months.

People tend to hoard when it comes to their kitchenware. Trust me, you can only imagine the amount of plastic cutting boards I have seen!


When you have an organized and clean kitchen, cooking is a joy, and a stress-free activity. Here are some steps on how to efficiently organize your kitchen.


  1. Donate or throw out any multiples that you have in dishware.
  2. Get rid of all plastic cutting boards (they attract more bacteria than wood).
  3. Organize each drawer so that everything has a place, and a geographical purpose.
  4. After throwing out the junk in your cabinets, organize your kitchen cabinets so that you have all of the food groups in the same place and there is not a sense of randomness to your sanctuary.
  5. Create a drawer or cabinet specifically for spices and oils.

It may seem simple, and even a little silly, but organizing your kitchen, and your health sanctuary can make almost all the difference into whether or not you are inspired to take care of your health, and yourself in general. 

When you are able to stack the deck in your favor, the results often sway in your direction. Organizing and un-cluttering your kitchen will only set you up for success on your journey towards health and wellness.