Maple, Rosemary, Pine Nut Broiled Cod


We now live in a world where most of our oceans are polluted with man made plastics, a constellation of debris as well as high levels of toxic radiation. An alarming number of wildlife in the oceans contains high levels of mercury and other neurotoxins that are extremely harmful to our overall health, and especially to our brain health.

Among the fish that are still safe to eat, pacific cod, aside from wild caught Alaskan Salmon, is arguably one of the healthier options for you to choose from.

I suggest to most of my clients, and to anyone who will listen. that they should be taking a form of a cod liver oil supplement in their daily routine. Cod is extremely high in vitamin B12, and by consuming only a 4 oz. piece of cod; you will consume 109% of your daily requirements of B12.

Cod is also quite high in iodine, selenium, phosphorus, anti-inflammatory omega-3’s, as well as other vitamins and minerals. Cod liver oil supplements, as well as eating cod as a weekly staple in your diet can help with depression, cognitive decline, arthritis, osteoporosis, and it has major cancer fighting properties.

Without a doubt, cod is a superfood.

But when you go to a restaurant and you peer at the seafood section on the menu, you will find that most of the cod dishes look rather unappetizing. Cod has a stigma of being a boring fish, but let me teach you how to dress up this superfood into one of the tastiest dishes you have ever had!